Downloading Fidelity 401k transactions into an Excel spreadsheet

The Fidelity 401k account transactions download option just lets you download amount/shares per transaction – i.e., they don’t give you the option to download the split of each transaction (employee pretax, employer match, after tax etc.). I maintain an excel spreadsheet of my own for this but it’s a pain as it needs to be kept up to date manually by looking at the Fidelity website (and clicking the pesky ‘show details’ link to expand each transaction).

So I automated a bunch of this – you can get the scripts from

  • Copy pasting the first file (fidelity.js) in the F12/developer options’ console tab of the browser when you’re on the transaction history page of Fidelity downloads all the transactions into a new file (transactions.js) on your machine.
  • Dropping this file on the second file (ExportToCSV.js) in Windows Explorer generates a CSV file containing all the transactions which can then be opened in MS Excel.

The CSV looks something like this but MS Excel treats it as a spreadsheet.
Date,Investment,TransactionType,Amount,Shares,Blank,01 - EMPLOYEE PRE-TAX,02 - EMPLOYER MATCH,05 - REGULAR AFTER-TAX,
12/31/2015,FIMM MONEY MKT INST,Contribution,1094.79,1094.790,,,60.08,1034.71
02/02/2016,VANG S&P 500 IDX TR,Exchange In,1000.00,9.82,,764,236
02/03/2016,FIMM MONEY MKT INST,Dividends,0.43,0.430,,0.25,0.18

Let me know if you find it useful.